About the Film


Godard & Others is an anarchic comedy (shot in an experimental manner with a mixture of live action, animation and screen titles) in which we follow the adventures of two young guerrilla filmmakers (Beatie and Daly) in London today. Believing that radical cinema is in critical if not terminal decline, they strive to produce films with meaning but also invested with style. But in doing so they inevitably come into conflict with the law and in particular Section 44 of the Anti Terror Act in which the Police can stop and arrest anyone filming in a public place that they feel are a potential threat. This assault on their liberty only adds to the sense of doomed romanticism that Beatie and Daly cultivate through their actions and their relationship with each other.


In their search for answers they turn to the cinema of an earlier age, and in particular the French Nouvelle Vague, with Jean Luc Godard’s “La Chinoise” of special interest to them. They obviously see something of themselves in the doomed protagonists of this other time. But this in itself is not enough and they seek other like-minded people, eventually linking up with the “Hammer and Plough Film Collective”, a politically radical group headed by a slightly older charismatic American (Kaufman).

But Daly is not sure about the group’s work of recording the minutiae of every day life as a form of struggle – he wants to make a great film, a memorable film, and this cinema verite won’t do it so he begins to drift away from the group. Although Beatie has her own reservations about the group’s tactics she perseveres, possibly because she is becoming attracted to Kaufman.

Beatie and Daly begin to live more and more separate lives – Daly tries to make his “perfect film” whilst Beatie and Kaufman become ever closer in their work, but also on a personal level. Daly becomes tortured by the fact: they are artists he declares to himself, and monogamy is supposed to be an anathema to them, but he just can’t help his jealousy. Eventually there is a show down and Beatie kicks Daly out of their shared home. Distraught he takes refuge in a bed sit and his “perfect film”.

Beatie and Kaufman continue to work closely and their bond of friendship too develops. However one night after another brush with the authorities Beatie asks Kaufman to stay with her but he explains to her that he is gay. He leaves a Beatie who is mortified with embarrassment. Like Daly she is now left alone to her thoughts and regrets.

Throughout the film and running parallel with the story of Beatie and Daly is a lecture given by a charismatic teacher (Torrence) to an attentive young audience. The lecture covers many aspects of cinema and film making but at its core is a master class on how to survive as a guerrilla filmmaker in today’s surveillance society.

The Players

  • Paul McGann


  • Will Bliss


  • Hedydd Dylan


  • Sean McConaghy


  • David Palliser


  • Otis Waby

    Press Officer/Auteur

…with John Hollingworth, Victoria Lloyd, Patrick Knowles, Tim Pritchett, Donnla Hughes, Sarah O’Connor, Deleisha Barrett, Rachel Bealy, John Paul Bennett Murphy, Nell Bliss, Eliot Chapman, Nick Clayton, Owen Davey, Ryck Dyer, Seejen Cattaree, Esther Gimenez, Bill Hodgson, Mohamed Noor, Christiana Pantelli, Hong Phuong Nguyen, Andreas Pritchard, Benjamin Sarpong-Bsoni, M. Waller, Alex Webb, Samantha Wittmann, Beth Aynsley, Glen Delahaye.

The Crew

  • Barry Bliss

    … Writer/Director
  • Clare McGann

    … Producer
  • Debbie Bliss

    … Executive Producer
  • Maxim Ford

    … D.O.P.
  • Clare Cahill

    … Assistant/Director
  • Sarah Illingworth

    … Art Director
  • Glen Delahaye

    … Sound Recordist
  • Jillian Speed

    … Boom Operator
  • Esther Gimenez

    … Editor
  • Tom Griffiths

    … Sound Design
  • Doug Berwick

    … Music
  • Beth Aynsley

    … Production Manager
  • Annabel Hornsby

    … Hair/Makeup
  • Fabio Guglielmelli

    … Cam Assistant
  • Nelson Oliver

    … Cam Assistant
  • Segev Navon

    … Cam Assistant/Grip
  • Michael Wallace

    … Stills
  • Jas Pandohar

    … Script Supervisor
  • Deeptarka Mukhopadhya

    … Runner
  • Owen Davey

    … “The Making of”
  • Jason Moffat

    … Colourist